Big Bang fair Eastbourne

The Big Bang fair at Eastbourne is an excellent day out to celebrate the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sector and is taking place on Tuesday 27 March.

It is an exciting, noisy experience aimed to encourage more students to take up STEM subjects and careers. David Potts, Assistant Engineer and STEM ambassador, will be showcasing the JBA Trust’s wave tank at the event alongside other hands-on activities.

Following an enjoyable experience at the Eastbourne Big Bang fair last year, I was pleased to hear that the JBA Trust and event organiser, STEM Sussex, have given Alexander Fyffe, Assistant Engineer, and myself the opportunity to return to the event this year. Having enjoyed STEM subjects myself, it’s a privilege to have the chance to explain to secondary school students the exciting opportunities that a career in civil engineering can offer.

JBA Trust’s wave tank is certainly a fun way to present the positive impact that engineering knowledge can have on society. Not to mention the hit of adrenalin that comes with filing a tank with water in a (dry) room shortly to be filled with hundreds of students. Maybe it’s the latter which draws the initial interest of the students, after all who could refuse a supervised opportunity to try and splash water all over the place?

Hopefully the disappointment that the tank hasn’t been filled deeply enough to soak their friends (or even better a teacher) isn’t too great to drown out the discussion of what civil engineers do. Replacing the small scale, vertical sea wall with a recurved one shows simply the way in which a simple engineering decision can reduce flood risk. Not to mention all the other decisions and design work that civil engineers make and do that benefit society in often unseen ways.

With all our planning pretty much complete, I’m looking forward to what the day will have in store. Given the diversity of the students attending, it’s exciting to consider the future engineers we may meet. Hopefully it will be a good day for them looking around the various interesting stalls (including ours) and thinking about future aspirations.

Want to know more?

Email David Potts for more information on this event. You can also find out more on our research and development web page or the JBA Trust website.

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