British Hydropower Association Hydro Network

Jon Whitmore, our Lead in Hydroecology and one of our Technical Directors, attended the annual British Hydropower Association Hydro Network in Llandrindod on 28 June and tells us the interesting points from the day.

The event was well attended by suppliers, consultants, utilities companies, Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and regulators (including Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales). The presentations ranged from advances in technology, developments in the regulatory landscape, innovation in grid connection arrangements and proposed changes in transmission charging.

The following presentations provided particular interest:

  • Michael Phillips of Dulas presented on the work being undertaken for Welsh Government around proposals for allowing small scale hydropower to be installed under permitted development rights, and the development of a good practice guide for small scale hydropower. The proposed planning changes will shortly open for consultation and those with an interest in hydropower are encouraged to provide comment.
  • Jennifer Pride, Head of Onshore Renewables for Welsh Government, spoke about updates supporting hydropower development including the availability of non-domestic business rate relief. Over 30 applications for such have been made since the scheme went live in April this year and 27 have so far been paid.

    More information on the scheme can be found on their website.

  • Joe McDonald of Limejump presented on the use of intelligent power purchase agreements (PPA), ‘virtual power plants’ and active generation management to minimise the risk associated with price volatility and to maximise financial opportunities associated with demand price banding.

Overall, it was a thoroughly interesting day – even though a late travel home meant constantly refreshing the England v Belgium text commentary page on the BBC Sport app.

Want to know more?

Email Jon Whitmore for more information on how we can support and facilitate your hydropower scheme from concept to site. As a member of the British Hydropower Association we endeavour to work collaboratively with our industry peers to provide the full benefits to local communities.

You can also find examples of some of our hydropower work on our web pages:

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