Be prepared – It’s all in the planning!

The National Flood Forum conference takes place on 1 February at SOAS, London for a day packed with information to support people living with flood risk. Phil Emonson and Sara Lane, from our Flood Resilience team, will be there to talk to event attendees about how we can help you plan and train for future floods.

The conference title, “Are we planning to flood?”, asks a very thought-provoking question. But while we must avoid further inappropriate development in flood risk areas, we must remember that many homeowners across the UK already live in an area at risk of flooding. We need to support and encourage all to develop and test emergency plans, to prepare for the worst and learn lessons from previous floods.

Property owners and community groups

Resilience to floods is about being prepared and planning to cope, both at home and in business. Through developing personal and local community flood plans, communities can ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. They can test lines of communication whilst also regularly rehearsing these arrangements to practice deployment of any flood resistance measures.

Being prepared in advance of a flood enables a quick response, minimising its impact and damage. We can help to guide property owners and community groups through the Flood Preparedness Cycle to plan, train, exercise and evaluate.

We work with businesses and communities across the UK by undertaking independent flood risk assessments, to review the flood resilience of a property for Property Level Protection Scheme (PLP), supporting and advising on the development of emergency flood action plans, and testing these local arrangements.

Want to find out more?

We hope to see you in London however, if you can’t make it please do get in touch with Phil Emonson or Sara Lane who would be happy to help with any enquiries you might have.

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