Battersea Bridge strengthening works


Battersea bridge is a three spanned 51m long steel railway bridge which provides access between London Victoria and Wandsworth road train stations. Due to the traffic load crossing the bridge producing longitudinal displacements on the structure, we were tasked with designing strengthening works.

The bridge is in constant use due to its central location in London and there is a limited clearance for the passing of trains, making planning of the strengthening works challenging.


In order to minimise the size of the strengthening works above the railway and to avoid any impact on the traffic flow, a wedge-like restraint was developed to limit the longitudinal displacements of the structure while providing a quick installation method. An extensive analysis of the bridge was performed to determine the optimum size of the strengthening system.


Strengthening works were designed to be prefabricated and were easy to transport and install from underneath the bridge, improving health and safety and reducing construction costs and installation time.

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