Augmented Reality: Come and make it rain

The Flood and Coast Conference commences today and we are hosting the JBA Trusts latest physical model development – an Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox.

A very interactive visualisation tool, the sandbox shows how topography affects water moving through a catchment.

Demonstrations encourage people to shape real sand to create their own catchments, which are then ‘augmented’ in real time by a projector showing a coloured elevation map and contour lines.

Participants can ‘make it rain’ and then watch how the virtual water flows through the catchment in real time, and explore how changes in land use affect flooding.

The Trust’s first prototype was developed with students at the Lancaster Environment Centre as part of their MSc project and was based on the specifications shared by the University of California, Davis who have created an excellent library of online resources.

They are now exploring how to develop new functionality in the software to enable them to better show concepts like natural flood management, including the impact of permeability, roughness and storage on flood risk.

Want to know more?

Pop by stand A27 to try out the sandbox and find out more about how we’re Embracing Technology to Deliver Solutions.

You can also visit the JBA Trust website to find out more about them and their work.

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