Asset Refurbishment Programme of Works Lincolnshire team site visits

Each year our Asset Refurbishment Programme of Works (ARPW) Lincolnshire design team, managed by Andy Ford in Peterborough, goes on a tour of their live construction sites. Recently the team visited two earthworks sites, the first at Burgh Sluice near Gibraltar Point and the second at Haven House near Wainfleet All Saints.

The Burgh Sluice project is to reinstate a damaged coastal embankment and Kevin McDermott, Assistant Analyst, was pleased to see his bank reinstatement methodology posts up in the site cabin. The Haven House site is to provide scour protection at the toe of the banks on the River Steeping.

Site visit benefits

The purpose of the visit is for the team to see their designs being constructed and gaining a better understanding of construction techniques, plant selection and buildability considerations.

JN Bentley site agents and their teams did an excellent job of inducting everyone on site. They provided feedback to the design team on how they prefer details to be communicated to them and what additional information they would find useful in our construction packs. The team were all asked to provide feedback on the day and give their health and safety observations/near misses.

“I felt the day was extremely beneficial, seeing jobs on site to get a better understanding of what the activities look like on the ground is a great perspective. Having a chance to talk to the site teams and see what they feel would help them carry out the works is a great way to improve as a designer, not to mention the satisfaction of seeing a job you designed on site!” commented Sam Taylor, one of the designers on the Burgh Sluice project.

Despite the rain and mud, the team had a great day out. With each visit, the team gain more knowledge and experience of construction which should help them be even more efficient for the upcoming 2019/20 programme of works.

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