Arboricultural Services at JBA

Trees are at the heart of our landscapes, with their diversity allowing for resilient urban environments and sustainable natural wildlife habitats, and their benefits are often wide-reaching. Read on to find out more about our Landscape and Arboricultural team and the services they offer here at JBA.

What is Arboriculture and why is it important?

Aboriculture is the cultivation, management and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants. Trees provide us with many benefits, environmentally and socially, and also promote economic development by improving the appearance of a location. Trees are also proven to improve our overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. They are aiding in our climate change adaptation by helping to cool our urban centres and reduce the impact of increased rainfall. And of course, they sequester carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere, whilst filtering out noise and air pollution.

Put simply – nothing living or man-made can arguably provide such positive and wide-ranging benefits.

Our team

Trees are considered dynamic assets which require experience and specialist knowledge to manage safely and positively. We are applying our expertise to a growing portfolio of arboricultural work in the UK to improve our client’s existing and future tree populations, increasing significant environmental benefits now, and in the future.

Our Landscape and Arboricultural team have wide-ranging skills, with extensive academic and practical knowledge, which allows us to work collaboratively to identify, plan and deliver an innovative, high-quality service, that can be specifically tailored to individual projects or client aspirations.

We are also embracing emerging technologies, to ensure that we leave a socially valuable legacy. Technologies such as remote sensing, GIS data collection and working with specialist software (and our environmental colleagues) to provide innovative and inclusive designs. This collaborative approach is allowing us to provide clients with added benefits and advice to aid in their decision making and future aspirations. It also allows us to quantify the natural capital asset value of trees by modelling current and future carbon sequestration, monetary values, rainfall interception, air filtration and Biodiversity Net Gains.

Our services

Tree Assessment and Tree Risk Management These assessments provide clear information on the present condition of the tree and their health and vitality. This enables us to provide clients with current and future management recommendations to help maintain or improve the condition of trees and their relative safety, whilst reducing long term expenditure.

Planning and Development (BS5837) BS5837 is The British Standard for trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations 2012. This allows the surveying of trees in relation to proposed development works and records the extra details needed to account for impacts on trees from development activities and vice versa. The assessment of trees and the identification of their value to a site and the wider locale is important when considering their retention potential. Furthermore, if retained, their protection requirements throughout development. Working cooperatively with our clients, to consider trees, in the planning and design process can often be critical to a successful outcome.

Tree Planting Working alongside our Landscape colleagues we are able to design and advise on planting schemes from a singular tree to woodland creation. We are also able to provide guidance on innovative solutions to allow for integration of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and Utility services, within the same planting location as the trees.

Trees and the Law With wide-ranging experience, we can provide advice across a wide array of general legal advice on trees, such as advice on planning, hedgerow mediation, TPO (Tree Preservation Orders) & Conservation Areas and required tree work applications.

Veteran and Ancient Tree Care As trees reach the later parts of their age span, their management and safety require more specialised guidance. Our team is experienced in managing ageing tree populations and their varying requirements.

Want to know more?

If you would like to discuss our arboricultural services in more detail, please contact Stephen Tester. Or to find out more visit our webpage.

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