Appointment as Principal Designer for Yorkshire Water

Our experienced Catchment and River Restoration team have been given the opportunity to work alongside Yorkshire Water Services as the Principal Designer. The project involves the design and installation of fish passage solutions at 9 sites across Yorkshire.

Weirs in river channels can have a significant influence on the migratory habits of various fish species, as they effectively act as a barrier to movement. Yorkshire Water have been at the forefront of investigating the issues associated with such in-channel structures, driven by the increasing importance of river restoration.

Yorkshire Water are committed to the delivery of fish pass designs at the following sites within the Yorkshire Region to help meet EU Water Framework Directive objectives:

  • Fewston
  • Langsett
  • Jordans Dam
  • Wharncliffe Weir
  • Tophill Low (Hempholme)
  • Crossflatts Weir
  • Eastwood Weir
  • Battyeford Outfall
  • Lobwood Sluice.

Our role as Principal Designer will be to produce the designs for construction at the sites and provide technical support into the construction phase. This work will draw on a wide range of expertise including the assessment of feasibility and design of Larinier baffle passes and bypass channels and weir removal.

Want to find out more?

With the work about to start, there is no doubt this will prove to be an exciting project right from the start. Watch this space for further updates or contact Jon Whitmore for more information.

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