Thames Estuary 2100 – Adaptive Pathways

Location: Thames Estuary                                                            Client: Environment Agency


The Thames Estuary 2100 plan is the long-term FCRM strategy for the tidal Thames and the surrounding floodplain. This identifies over £9B of work to be carried out over a 100-year period, including replacement of the Thames Barrier. When launched in 2012, the TE2100 Plan made a series of recommendations for how tidal flood risk in the Thames Estuary should be managed as part of a long-term, adaptation pathways plan aligned to achieve wider benefits. A project was initiated in 2019 to update the plan’s recommendations and planned interventions, including their timings where required to ensure that they are appropriate, that the investment decisions are still sound and the benefits of the strategy will be achieved.


As a major part of the 10-year review we have carried out an Economic Case Review (ECR) of the Plan; this includes an update of the Plan’s costs and benefits, and a review of plans for future intervention. This will result in an assessment of whether the economic case for the next 90 years is sound. We have also determined the Asset Management Investment (AMI) need to 2049 and carried out Benefits Mapping (BM) to ensure the plan’s intended benefits can be communicated to stakeholders and the public.


The Thames Estuary 2100 10-Year Review gives the Environment Agency and stakeholders confidence that the plan is still the appropriate approach to tidal flood risk management in the Thames Estuary, and that it’s recommendations are still valid. It enables stakeholders to plan with confidence, and provides the Environment Agency with the necessary justification to develop and deliver works in the estuary.

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