A first for the island and a first for the UK

Yesterday, the Isle of Man Parliament (Tynwald) approved its National Strategy on Sea Defences, Flooding and Coastal Erosion. Our teams supported the project by developing the evidence base for the Strategy which is the first of its kind for the Island, and the first strategy for the UK and Crown Dependencies that assesses combined risk from river, coastal and surface water flooding together with coastal erosion. It identifies a list of those areas most at risk, now and in the future as a result of climate change, and suggests appropriate adaptation responses.

The climate, geography and physical characteristics of the Isle of Man mean it is prone to flooding, as shown by recent events such as the coastal flooding of the Island’s towns in the storms of early 2014, and the Island-wide flooding in December 2015. The Strategy, therefore, will be of relevance to various departments in Government and Manx Utilities as well as interested economic, environmental and social stakeholders, and local communities.

The Strategy is supported by publicly available interactive maps that can be accessed from the Isle of Man Government’s website. These show flood and coastal erosion extents for now and in the future highlighting which communities are at risk.

Richard Ronan, Minister for the Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture, for the Isle of Man Government said ‘the strategy contains proposals for ensuring consistency in decision making and defines how long term confidence for investors, developers, businesses and home owners will be achieved. It should generate the partnership approach between Government and our communities that will be essential if we are to introduce timely, cost effective solutions to protect our Island from the increasing risks associated with damaging weather and climate events’.

Want to find out more?

The strategy and interactive maps can be accessed from the Isles of Man government website or for more details please contact Rachel Brisley.

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