Is Michael Gove Santa Claus?

Steve Maslen, Head of Environment, comments on the release of the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

It’s later than expected but finally it’s here – The Environment’s Christmas present from Mr Gove, The 25 Year Environment Plan for England.

Is it a pair of new socks, practical, likely to be used, appreciated but what we expected? Or is it what we dreamed of? A blue print for delivering a wholesome and valued environment for everyone.

Michael Gove’s Radio 4 morning interview pre-launch was encouraging. he emphasised the absolute importance of Natural Capital to our economy and went on to say ‘public funds [given to private individuals and companies] must deliver pubic benefits’.

The Forwards by the Prime Minister and Gove reiterate some core policies, ‘the fight against climate change’, ‘doing more to protect the seas’ but they also point to new initiatives including ‘recovering soil fertility’, ‘ensuring broader landscapes are transformed by connecting habitats’ and ‘plans to set up a world leading environmental watchdog’.

The question to be asked when reading the Plan is, is this as ambitious as the Government says it is?

It will take time to reflect on all its aspirational plans and targets and we look forward to developing our own appreciation of its value. But on first read it looks like this could, at least in part, be the policy step change we need.

Want to know more?

Contact Steve Maslen to discuss the Governments plan and how this may affect our environmental work. Contact Rachel Brisley to discuss Climate Change and Resilience or Steve Rose for Natural Flood Management and Working with Natural Processes.

Why not take a look at past projects in our Knowledge Hub where we’ve looked to develop our natural environment sustainably and effectively? You can also find out more on our Natural Flood Management web page and about our other Environmental Services too.

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