Understanding Resilience

Creating resilience in a changing climate

Resilience in the face of climate change will drive much of the work we do in the coming years. Our ambition is to lead the way in providing innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions to address the climate challenges we face.

Our technical disciplines work collaboratively to combine analytical, engineering, social and nature-inspired solutions to support our clients in adapting and building resilience to climate change. Working together to discover solutions, we help communities, business and the environment be aware, adapt, respond and recover from shocks.

With the increased risks we’re facing from climate change and the need to build resilience into our assets and communities and mitigate climate change by adopting low-carbon solutions, we are faced with increasingly complex challenges.

Steve Maslen, Head of Environment and Sustainability, and Tony Moran, Head of Engineering.
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  • 01.07.22
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Supporting society’s pursuit for climate resilience White arrow pointing right
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  • 21.11.21
  • Article
Resilience in local flood risk management strategies

Local flood risk management is shifting focus, to fully embrace a wide range of innovative actions to enhance flood resilience.…

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  • 01.02.22
  • Article
Assessing the role of local government in climate change adaptation

Local government has demonstrated a very strong commitment towards climate change mitigation by adopting strategies that work towards achievement of 'Net Zero' carbon status or reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Our…

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  • 02.03.22
  • Article
Climate change: taking action now to secure resilient water resources for the future

The need to take urgent action to adapt to the impacts of climate change is highlighted in the latest IPCC report. Peter May, our Head of Resilience and Water Management,…

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  • 15.11.22
  • Video
Understanding Resilience animation

Find out what resilience means to us and how we're supporting our clients to build their resilience to climate change.…

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  • 09.03.22
  • Article
Helping to build local flood resilience - section 19 flood investigations

Technical Director Anna Beasley describes the support we provide to Lead Local Flood Authorities in meeting their statutory duties to carry out investigations after flood events.…

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  • 05.01.22
  • Article
Improving property flood resilience across Yorkshire

Over the Yorkshire Flood Resilience Pathfinder project, we engaged with communities at risk of flooding to identify the factors that determine the effectiveness of Property Flood Resilience measures.…

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  • 26.04.22
  • Article
Leading in society’s pursuit for resilience – an integrated approach

Resilience in the face of climate change is going to drive much of the work we do in the coming years and our ambition is to lead the way in…

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  • 15.08.22
  • Video
Leading the way in flood and coastal resilience

A look at some of our triumphs and successes from 1996 to now, leading the way in flood and coastal resilience.…

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  • 12.05.22
  • Article
Natural coastal resilience at JBA

Natural Coastal Resilience is a fast-moving, diverse and innovative aspect of our workload in the MCRM at JBA. Our experts are passionate about supporting clients to implement Natural and…

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  • 11.03.22
  • Podcast
Reflecting on the Yorkshire and South West Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder projects

Listen to the latest JBA podcast for insight into the biggest challenges, success stories and lessons learnt from the Yorkshire and South West PFR Pathfinder projects.…

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  • 27.06.23
  • Article
Wherever in the world JBA operates, we focus on climate adaptation and resilience

Marc Pinnell, Managing Director, discusses how our international projects positively affect global sustainability and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.…

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