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Helping homebuyers to gain a greater understanding of the risk of flooding to a property

Developed with Future Climate Info (FCI) our suite of Specialist Flood Risk Services have been designed to inform, determine and properly understand flood risk. They are available for residential and commercial properties, and offer the unique combination of an environmental search with expert flood analysis.

Report review

The Report Review is an affordable and accessible flood risk service at £99 (excluding VAT). Combining desktop analysis and expert advice from our dedicated flood risk specialists, the Report Review will verify the property’s flood risk or confirm the next steps to be taken.

The review provides three possible outcomes: the site is at a reduced risk of flooding; flood risk is confirmed and further investigation is unlikely to change the conclusion or there are still potential flood risk issues that need further investigation. In the latter case, the review will outline possible next steps to be taken. Other services to achieve this include:

Desktop Review

The Desktop Review allows a more detailed review of flood risk. For instance, the Review will drill down into the flood risk data to determine likely flood depths.

On-Site Assessment

The On-Site Assessment provides a similar level of detail to the Desktop Review but includes a site visit by one of our flood risk experts.

Property Resilience Study

The Property Resilience Study takes place on-site giving practical advice on the resilience measures which are appropriate for reducing the consequences of flooding.

Detailed Assessment

The Detailed Assessment may include bespoke flood modelling, an investigative On-Site Assessment and detailed activities to determine the specific flood risk.

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You have made something that could have been difficult and time consuming much less so. I’m sure this initiative will prove invaluable to many.

Phillipa Roberts, Homebuyer