Hydrometric services

JBA Hydrometric services

Whether you require a one-off measurement, a small-scale monitoring array or installation of a comprehensive regional network, we can help you from conceptualisation to installation and provide ongoing support advice
and review.

We offer a complete hydrometric service covering data collection and quality assurance according to British and International Standards with great expertise in:

  • Installing and operating hydrometric instruments for continuous or discrete collection of water levels
  • River and pipe flow
  • Rainfall and water quality
  • Groundwater
  • Piezo measurement including telemetred devices.

This includes provision of continuous flow measurement through Stage-Discharge Rated Sections, Acoustic Doppler flow meters with Velocity-Indexing and Ultrasonic transit-time flow meters, as well as rainfall measurement via storage, tipping bucket and weighing principle gauges.

How we can
help you

We have specialists able to collect/interpret hydrometric data for a variety of applications including integrated catchment modelling, water resources, flood risk management and water quality.

JBA EWTOPS energy data analysis
JBA Flooded Park

Our staff are experienced in a range of hydrometric instruments and methods allowing selection of the most appropriate techniques.

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JBA Our field team collecting spot gaugings
JBA Gauging station evaluation, relocation and design

We can help you

If you would like to discuss how we can work together please contact Maxine Zaidman.

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