Flood Resilience

Yorkshire Flood Resilience launches Property Flood Resilience Survey

What is flood resilience?

Flood resilience can be defined as being prepared, ready to respond, able to cope and recover from a flood event.

Resilience to flooding can be achieved through a suite of tools and services. These are aimed at homeowners and maintaining essential functions of organisations, businesses, communities and infrastructure. Disasters are caused by extreme weather, but made worse when vulnerable and unprepared. By reducing vulnerability and having emergency flood response plans the impacts to the event can be greatly reduced.

You can read more about the core themes of flood resilience below.

Property Flood Resilience

JBA Property Level Resilience Devon

Providing property owners and professional partners with practical, cost effective steps to reduce flood risk

Flood Emergency Planning

JBA flood emergency plans

Helping you to reduce, control or mitigate the impact and consequences of flooding by being prepared.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement

A proactive approach to stakeholder engagement can often make a significant difference to a project.

Featured projects

South-West Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder
South-West PFR Pathfinder

As a key project partner on the South-West Property Flood Resilience pathfinder, we helped create a plan to identify and eradicate existing barriers to the uptake of PFR.

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Smithton and Culloden Flood Protection Scheme, Scotland
Flooding Projects in Scotland

We have been working on flood risk projects in Scotland for over 20 years, gaining valuable knowledge of the risks, issues and structures in place to help.

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Yorkshire Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder
Yorkshire PFR Pathfinder

As a key project partner on the Yorkshire Property Flood Resilience pathfinder, we helped to identify and address the barriers that exist to the uptake of PFR.

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Property flood resilience measures
Devon Property Level Resilience

This project saw us undertake flood risk assessment surveys across Devon, with the aim of improving preparedness and resilience to flooding for individual properties.

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Flood and water management
training courses

We offer a range of bespoke Flood and Water Management courses throughout the year. Run by in-house experts from across JBA, these courses are a fantastic way to improve your industry knowledge and learn from recognised experts.

For more information about our upcoming courses please visit our dedicated Training Couse page by clicking the ‘View Courses’ button.

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