Flood Emergency Planning

JBA flood emergency plans

Flood Preparedness Cycle

Flood emergency planning involves preparing and maintaining arrangements to reduce, control or mitigate the impact and consequences of flooding.

We work with Category 1 & 2 responders, private property owners and community groups to guide them through the flood preparedness cycle.

Working with Property Owners and Community Groups to PLAN

As a residential or commercial property owner responding swiftly and efficiently prior to, during and after a flood is vital to protecting your staff,
customers, equipment and property. Being well prepared in advance
enables you to respond to flood risk, minimising its impact.

Knowing where to start can be difficult but we can help you through this process by:

  • Preparing emergency flood response plans for community flood action groups and evacuation plans for private developers
  • Reviewing the flood resilience of a property (property level protection)
    and testing local arrangements.

Working with Category 1 & 2 responders to TRAIN, EXERCISE and EVALUATE staff

The following sections detail how we work with responders to ensure they are all PREPARED for a flood emergency. Our flood exercising service has been fully endorsed by the Emergency Planning Society.


We deliver bespoke training courses for Category 1 and 2 responders and local resilience forums. We also work closely with the Environment Agency to provide modular based training using our JEMS software.

We have worked with clients such as the Rivers Agency and the University of Lancaster  to deliver topics such as preparing emergency plans and extreme flood response.


This is an important step to look at lessons learned and identify priorities for improvement. Our expert team can help to facilitate this through debriefs for exercises or real events, in the form of open discussions or one-to-one interviews.

Flood Exercise

We have successfully planned and facilitated emergency planning exercises for many hundreds of Category 1 and 2 Environment Agency and Network Rail staff. Our web-based JEMS platform allows flood exercising for all Catergory 1 and 2 responders.

Uniquely it also mimics closely to EA telemetry systems and provides 15-minutes continuous hydrometric data, linking with the National Flood Forecasting System (NFFS), to generate real-time forecasts as well as issuing operational and warning alarms.

We can help you

If you would like to discuss how we can work together please contact Phil Emonson.

Phil Emonson
Emergency Planning Lead
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