Flood and water management

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With over 20 years’ experience in flood risk management and water resources management, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing the public and private sectors delivering innovative solutions for our clients.

We have been a national framework consultant to the Environment Agency since 1999 and the only consultant appointed to national flood management frameworks in each of the UK devolved administrations, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland. Locally we are appointed to over 20 flood management frameworks by lead local flood authorities. Under these frameworks we provide services in flood risk mapping, post-flood investigation, feasibility and design studies for flood management schemes, capacity building and training and model review and audit.

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Flood risk management

Flood Resilience

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Flooding cannot be prevented but we can learn to understand the cause and manage the risk so that we are better prepared. We provide a comprehensive flood risk management service including flood risk assessment, flood risk mapping and modelling and planning and construction of mitigation measures.

Flood resilience

Yorkshire Flood Resilience launches Property Flood Resilience Survey

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Flood resilience can be defined as being prepared, ready to respond, able to cope and recover from a flood event. Resilience to flooding can be achieved through a suite of tools and services. These are aimed at homeowners and maintaining essential functions of organisations, businesses, communities and infrastructure.

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