At JBA our ability to recognise and understand the integration of trees and their vital contribution to a multi-functional environment is key to helping you, create and manage sustainable landscapes with a sense of place.

Trees bring real world benefits to settings by adding long-term value for wildlife and amenity, and providing variety in their forms, colours, and  softening contrast to often-harsh urban environments.

Trees can also make a significant contribution to our sustainable environments, promoting value and economic development, climate change adaptation and human health and wellbeing.

In understanding the vital role trees can play in landscapes in both rural and the urban settings, we look to ensure it is ultimately a positive contribution. In the many and varied locations trees grow, they will need to be managed and maintained to ensure that their safety, appearance, and effect on an ecosystem is of a sustainable benefit.

How can we help you?

Trees are dynamic assets and our experienced arboricultural team have wide-ranging skills and extensive knowledge which allows us to work with you and your partners to identify, plan and deliver an innovative high-quality service, that can be specifically tailored to your project or plans. From initial concept to final completion or even beyond with long-term management, we are here to assist and guide you.

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