Property-Level Flood Protection

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JBA's involvement in the Lower Thames PLP project is featured on page 16 of the Environment Agency's latest issue of "Current" magazine.

JBA’s experience

JBA Consulting has developed an established track record and has wide experience in undertaking property-level flood protection surveys.  Communities value our independence while suppliers have made particular comment about and praised the high quality of our surveys. 

Our capabilities have been recognised by our appointment by the Environment Agency to undertake an evaluation of all 63 Defra grant schemes.  This has now been completed and the report which provides evidence and recommendations for improved approaches to property level protection in the future, alongside partnership funding arrangements, has been published.  It was launched by Defra minister Richard Benyon MP at the National Flood Forum Conference in London on 7 March 2012 and can be downloaded from the Environment Agency's website.

We have also been appointed to the Environment Agency’s 4-year property protection “Flood Resistance Measures of Individual Properties” Framework.

How we do it

We place a great deal of emphasis on how such surveys are carried out.  Engaging with residents who have suffered the stress of repeated flooding requires sensitivity and understanding and this is where we begin the process.  Property protection surveys are not just a simple survey commission.  They require a mix of skills and resources, all of which JBA Consulting can provide.  These include:

  • Highly experienced flood risk assessment engineers able to provide a comprehensive understanding of flood risk from all sources

  • Experienced project managers familiar with the Defra Property-level Flood Protection Scheme guidance

  • Staff with proven abilities in stakeholder engagement, communication and partnership working

  • Knowledge and practical experience of the range of flood protection products and solutions available

  • Completely independent of any product manufacturer ensuring impartial recommendations are made for the most appropriate solutions on every survey

  • Experienced land and building surveyors to undertake accurate topographic and threshold levelling surveys

  • Staff with proven abilities in data management, presentation and GIS skills

  • Appreciation of the importance and objectives of the BSI Kitemark scheme and PAS guidance

Stakeholder engagement

A successful scheme depends upon successful stakeholder engagement.  JBA has many experienced and highly qualified experts in this field and we make this our priority.  Property owners are informed and made aware of the issues at the outset and of how they can join in and benefit from the scheme.  We encourage early buy-in and awareness through questionnaires that capture local flood history and property details.

The surveys

We then undertake an initial flood risk assessment and survey of individual properties, involving discussions with the owners.  This is followed up with a topographic and property threshold levelling survey.  This is carried out either by our own qualified surveyors or by sub-contractors.  In either case, detailed and accurate surveys are assured that provide clear and concise information for the product manufacturers specification and installation.

The final report

We send a report of our findings and recommendations to local authorities, along with individual property survey confidential summary reports that can be sent direct to each owner.  Our reports conclude by proposing a range of flood protection options to help mitigate flood risk, providing cost estimates and setting out the advantages and disadvantages of each option.  These are summarised giving regard to health and safety, ease of operation, storage, speed of deployment, surety of operation, standard of protection, maintenance requirements and cost.


We are independent and reliable.  JBA Consulting is totally independent of any particular manufacturer.  We do not manufacture or market any flood protection products and have no alliances with any product manufacturer or supplier.  This independence ensures that we can select the most appropriate product available on the market, at the most competitive price.

To enquire or ask for further information, please contact Peter May on 01633 413 514.